Thieves of Hearts
Fighter Practice

2300 Shermer Rd.
Northbrook, IL 60062
Tuedays, 6:30pm-9:00pm

Download these directions as a PDF.  (Get Foxit Free PDF Reader or Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.)

Take either interstate I-94 or I-294 to the Willow Road exit. (3 miles south of the I-294/I-94 merge)
From I-94, take Willow Rd. west to Shermer Rd., turn right;
From I-294, take Willow Rd. east to Shermer Rd., turn left;

Take Shermer Road ½ mile north to the last driveway into the school’s campus on the left.  The road does not have a street name or sign, although it does have a protected left-turn lane.  There are houses just north of this road--if you’re passing houses on the left of Shermer Rd., you’ve gone too far.

IF THIS DRIVEWAY IS CLOSED OR BLOCKED: Continue north on Shermer Road to Techny Ct., turn left.  Immediately turn left on 2nd Street.  At the end of 2nd Street, turn right at the stop sign, and you will be on the driveway you couldn't turn into before.  (Sometimes they close this driveway for school activities.)

Passed the stop sign at 2nd Street, turn left into the parking lot just before the tennis courts and some small red/brown garages.  Turn right going around the tennis courts, and there will be the parking lot between the buildings on your left (labeled "Parking" below).

If you arrive before 7:00pm, we gather in the parking lot, or the entry labeled "Lobby" below during bad weather, until practice starts.  Look for a propped-open door to either the Field House or one of the gymnasiums.  If the weather is nice, we will probably be outside in the area labeled "Outdoor Practice Field" below.

If you would like to receive practice schedule updates and cancellation notices, send a blank email to <> to subscribe.